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Staffing and maintenance issues have forced us to temporally suspend the bike rental program.


Available Weekends Only
$80.00 per person
Children - $40.00 per person
(ages 3 - 12 years old)


Rafting DWG.jpg

Experience the National Park by bike and by boat! Start your day of adventure no later then 11 am for a beautiful morning ride along the McDade trail on one of our rental mountain bikes, follow our map for the 10 mile, 5 bridges bike tour. When you complete your ride you can choose from a canoe, kayak or raft for the 4 or 6 mile River Trip and spend the rest of the day floating down the Delaware River. All groups must begin their River Trip by 1 pm and be off the river no later then  6pm. 

Be sure to pack a lunch and bring everything you will need for both activities. Sturdy shoes for biking, water shoes for the river, swim gear, food and plenty of water. 

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